Do I need to pay for the well-being activities?

No need, we have several sessions per week which come complimentary to our Ibiza Glamper guests.

Is there really a villa-pool we can use?

There sure is! When you arrive we will plan your pool day.

What is included in the rental price?

On each accommodation page you can find amenities and extra services.

Where do I park?

We offer you a spot at our villa, there is always space and there will never be any hassle with wrong parking of such. As long as you follow the rules there are many places to park. A Glamper is considered as a normal vehicle and the law describes that sleeping in it is legal. Camping is not allowed, this means you cannot place tables and chairs outside of the Glamper-Van.

Are there restrictions on how far I can drive with the Glamper-van?

In case the trip crosses country borders it has to be confirmed by us via email on forehand. Traveling to or between mainland and islands also need to be confirmed.

Are there additional charges for exceeding mileage limits?

Yes, 500 km are free of charge. Every km after 500 km will be charged at costs of 0.25 cent per kilometer. 

Are bedding and towels included in the rental?

Yes, they are. You receive one set off each p.p. All the linen is selected with care and therefor we request you to handle it with care. Please don’t clean the Glamper with it there is a cleaning kit available to clean the Glamper. Linnen that cannot be cleaned has to be charged.

Do I need to clean the Glamper before return?

Yes it is required that you clean the Glamper to avoid extra cleaning cost. The outside will be cleaned by us. Also all the linen will be washed by us. For the rest we expect the Glamper to arrive as you received it.

Are pets allowed in the camper van?

Only after written confirmation. It really depends on the type of pet.

Is a security deposit required when renting the camper van?

Yes the security deposit is 1000,- euro. which has to be paid in cash during check-in and will be refunded after cleaning and technical checks are done.

Is there a minimum rental period for the camper van?

In the low season we require a minimum stay of 3 nights
In the high season we require a minimum stay of 6 nights.
We offer special wedding and event options

Do I need a special license?

No, a normal B-license is enough. We do require drivers to be 23 years of age, please also check the terms and conditions for additional rules. 

Do I need to refill gas, water, and fuel myself before returning the camper van?

We only request you to fuel the car before retuning it. Gas, water will be done by us. Please check the conditions page we have strict rules concerning the waste water tank and the toilet.

What if I'm late returning the camper van?

When you are late then we need to charge extra costs because of the inconvenience that the renter after your booking needs to wait. The costs for being late is included in the rental agreement

Is there a cleaning fee upon returning the camper van?

We charge a service fee off 150 euro’s, there is a technical inspection we need to do as well as refilling and cleaning the exterior.

Are there toll roads or special fees I need to consider during my trip?

Totally depends on your trip. In the Netherlands there is no toll and also in Spain there isn’t but France does charge toll.  For parking we advise you to download the local parking app for easy payment.

How does parking and overnight stays work with the camper van?

You can park at our accommodation Casa mana, or you can park in the designated places. each country has its own rules so its best to investigate this by yourself or double check with us when you are not sure.

Are there restrictions on the number of passengers allowed in the camper van?

The Glampers can be driven with maximum 3 persons 

Are there specific guidelines for emptying waste tanks?

When you rent the campervan guidelines will be provided for emptying the waste tanks as well as cleaning the toilet.

Can I smoke in the campervan?

No, smoking is absolutely not allowed 

Does the Camper has GPS?

There is no GPS. There is GPS tracker on board for tracking purposes in case of theft. Also when there is damage to the Glamper or when it brakes down the GPS will be checked for incorrect use (off-roading for example)

How does the gas works?

Upon arrival we will explain this, its very easy

What is the minimum age for renting a Glamper?

You need to be 23 years of age to be allowed to drive the Glamper. And a driver’s license that’s shows you are driving for at least 3 years.

What about insurance? Am I fully covered?

The Glamper has a basic insurance and an own risk of 1500 euro’s. you have the possibility to buy off your own risk. More information on the terms and conditions page

When do I check in and when do I check out?

Please check the term s and conditions page for a full explanation.

What do I do in case of an accident, damage or technical problems?

We will make sure you have all the details on paper after you have checked in. There is no need to worry, we are always on standby for emergencies.

I don’t have any experience in driving a Camper-van.

If you are a good driver then driving a Glamper is not a problem. We will give you practical tips and tricks. The camera system will also help you when navigating backwards.

Where can I find the prices?

Just have a look at the accommodation you like and fill in the dates you’re interested in. You will automatically see the total amount including service fee’s and possible extra services you require.

What is my own risk.

In case you decide not to take a full insurance there is an own risk of 1500 euro’s. Please be aware that this does not waver you from cost that isn’t coved by the insurance such as damage that occurs by incorrect and prohibited use of the vehicle or interior.

Am I automatically insured?

NO, we do not offer travel or cancellation insurances this is something you need to take care of yourself. The Glamper is properly insured and you have the option to pay an additional fee to waver the own risk and call upon our road assistance.  

Can I rent a Glamper for a day.

There is a possibility to rent for the day/night. Think about wedding and events  Please contact us directly to request a one night experience.

Is gas included in the price

Yes the gas is included in the price, in case th gas runs out you can easily change it at a gas station. If you safe the receipt will be refund you the cost.

Your question still unanswered?

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