CamperVan rent on Ibiza, 3 successful options

CamperVan season has started!

As the sun shines brighter and temperatures climb above 20 degrees, the allure of beach days on Ibiza returns. With the season underway, many of us seek the freedom of exploring the island in a camper van. But amidst this excitement, it’s essential to understand the dos and don’ts of camper van rentals on Ibiza. Where should you rent, and what rules should you follow?

Where should you rent a campervan, and what rules should you follow?

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Rental Platforms

When searching for camper van rentals on Ibiza, numerous options emerge, from sharing platforms to small local companies. Platforms like Yescapa or Indiecamper allow you to browse a variety of camper vans offered by private individuals. While convenient for finding a camper that fits your budget and preferences, this method comes with risks. Private rentals may result in frequent cancellations, and the quality and safety of the camper aren’t always guaranteed. Additionally, improper gas and electricity installations pose potential hazards.


Navigating the strict parking regulations can lead to stress

Camper Van Rental Companies on Ibiza

Opting for established camper van rental companies on Ibiza provides more security and peace of mind. These companies offer assistance if your van encounters issues and can provide alternatives promptly. However, a significant drawback of this option is the challenge of finding legal parking and sleeping spots on the island. Even with professional rental companies, navigating the strict parking regulations can lead to stress and legal troubles during your holiday.

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Campervan Rental on Ibiza with Private Parking

For a stress-free camper van experience, consider renting from a company that offers private parking. stands out as the sole provider offering this service on the island. With their rental, you have the freedom to roam wherever you desire, but you also have the option to park safely and comfortably in the beautiful campo garden of the Ibiza Glamper Villa.

What sets apart is their dedication to providing a true Ibiza experience. Their “Glampers” are designed in the authentic Ibiza style, and the camper vans come fully equipped with everything you need for a luxurious holiday, including indoor showers, toilets, kitchens, and comfortable beds. Moreover, guests can enjoy access to the villa’s swimming pool and participate in weekly activities such as yoga, breathwork, and ice baths—all complimentary for camper van customers.


Embarking on a camper van adventure on Ibiza is undeniably fantastic, whether you opt for a basic or luxurious experience. However, the most crucial aspect of your camper van rental will always be safety, convenience, and minimizing stress.

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